great tee shirts

Here on the Tee Shirt Farm, we take great tee shirts seriously.

Well… as seriously as you can expect a group of graphic designers who spend as much time as we do making silly pictures for extra special rainbow unicorn tee shirts and weird mashups of ’80s TV shows and all the other madness you’ll find in our tee shirt shop.

Anyways. Where was I? Oh yeah, our commitment to making awesome tee shirts.

Treat your torso to tasty tees

We believe that your splendid torso deserves nothing less than the most hilarious slogans, the most lovingly handcrafted illustrations, and the most eye-roll-inducing puns. That’s why we stock our shop with tees we’re proud of. These are tees you can be proud of wearing, tees you can take home and introduce to your mom.

Tees like these aim to please

Maybe tee shirts aren’t exactly your thing. That’s okay, some people are just weird like that. Maybe you’ve found your way here because you’re shopping for a birthday gift for your sister who thinks tee shirts are the bee’s knees. No worries. We’re pretty confident that you’ll find something just right in our shop, because we stock our shop with the cream of the crop. Check it out, we dare you.

Quality makes a difference

What you put onto your body can be just as important as what you put into your body. Don’t waste your time or your hard-earned dollars on some cheap tee shirt with a crooked print or a half-assed pun. We painstakingly craft our shirts because we know you’ll look great in them. We believe in pouring a little bit of our soul into each one of our designs, and we don’t dare drop anything into our shop that we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

Do yourself a favor and get into one of our tees, because you deserve it.

Hit up the shop.

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